Friday, December 28, 2012

Happy 6th Birthday Arissa

Today is Arissa's 6th birthday. It has been 6 years, this beautiful person come to our life. We are blessed and we thank Allah for allowing Arissa to be part of our life. I pray that I can stay a little longer on this earth to see Arissa grow up.

On this special day, we are about to get ready to go out and celebrate. This year might not be the best year that we have celebrated Arissa's birthday but it is the get together that counts. I personally enjoy Arissa's presence. Every minute of it. Just looking at her face, listening to all her questions is a blessing. As a father, I do get angry at times with her. I admit that I feel like screaming at the top of my lungs every time she do 'stupid' things but thinking about the cutest things she has done, really suppresses that anger quickly. And I think that is unfair to say 'stupid' things. She is a 6 years old and most of the time, I think, she do it because of she's just being herself i.e a kid. I do admit also that I get angry because of being at the wrong place and at the wrong time. But again, she is just a kid.

But deep down insider me, I love Arissa so much. So much so that words fail to describe my actually feelings towards my eldest. I love being with her, I love hugging her, I love watching her laugh, I love talking nonsense with her :-)) , Well, I love everything about her. I love you Arissa. Happy Birthday.

I guess everyone is waiting for me to get ready. Okay, we bought a birthday ice cream cake at Baskin Robbins. Arissa chose the cake and it was very very nice. Before that, we had dinner at Sushi King. After the cake at Baskin Robbins, we went to Popular and I told Arissa to choose one thing that she wanted the most. It turned out that she want stickers that cost RM9.90 phew! :-)) . Happy Birthday Arissa, again...and I love you..always have and always will.

Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Tanah Aina Trip

On the 1-2 December, we made a trip to Tanah Aina Farrah Soraya or easily known only as Tanah Aina. Tanah Aina itself has many eco-resorts but Tanah Aina Farrah Soraya is the most famous one. So, when the name Tanah Aina is mentioned, it is actually referring to Tanah Aina Farrah Soraya.

Nineteen of us (the whole clan) made the trip. It was supposed to be a Khairul Shafee's family trip but we thought, why not bring the whole gang. The more the merrier. It was a place or the type of vacation that we rarely go for. We opted for the 2 days 1 night. I regarded this trip as exploratory. If it is good as people say it is, we will go for the second time. Trip was not good, it was EXCELLENT. Creek, camping, jungle, trees, green, great food and to top it all, friendly staff...what more can we say. I think the most that we can opt for is a 3 days 2 night trip if you really want to relax that is. I promised a friend to share my experience in Tanah Aina and this is what I am doing.

Tanah Aina management dah ada itenerary. Check in at 12pm. I suggest that we follow this. We arrived at the car park of Tanah Aina around 12:15pm. A tractor and a jeep carried us and our luggage to the resort. At 12:30 we reach at the resort. Siap ada welcoming drink. We checked in, leave our bags first near the 'lobby' and headed for lunch.The buffet table is just next to the 'lobby'. 1:30pm we put our bags in our tent. 2:30pm is the jungle trekking and leap of faith. It is advisable to wear wet clothing because when you get back from the jungle trekking you are going to get wet least your pants are going to get wet. If you decided to jump from a 15m platform, then the whole you will get wet.

I brought my whole troop. Arissa, Aryana and Adel. Arissa is 6 years problem. Aryana is 4...she is quiet in the whole jungle trekking. Thanks to the Abang guide who carried her especially at those extreme slopes. Adel is1 year and she is on a strap the whole time. The rule of thumb is that, if you have a toddler age below 4, it is advisable to have an adult to tag along. The guide will help you and I have to say they are a friendly lot. I even saw one guide holding a child who is I think around 2 years old. One guide put my 3 year old nephew on his shoulder. The staffs at Tanah Aina is really good and friendly. I carried Adel on a strap. They were two rivers that you need to crossed. The first river is just at your waist. The second river, which is  at the Leap of Faith area, is deeper. I have been told it is over your head. So, they use tyre tubes to transport you from the river bank to the Leap of Faith area. I, with Adel on me, boarded the tube and the staff push the tube with me on it, to the Leap of Faith area. I need to control my balance there. Risau jugak kalau jatuh but it turned out well. So, I think that you can bring your 1 year old if you have strap. I do not recommend 1 year old and below. Treknya bermacam macam...ada naik...ada turun...ada yang landai. Tapi penat jugaklah. The jungle trekking, pergi balik, took about 1 hour.

Petang is mandi time. The water at the creek was cool and refreshing. The best!. Night time was basically free time. There was a movie that they showed at the hall but we bunked in our tents instead. Penat!.

Day 2 - Morning walk to the peak of paradise. This one you do your own walking. No guide is necessary. However, it is advisable to go up early. Boleh tengok sunrise. Not that high. Tapi penat jugak lah nak berjalan ke atas tu. After morning walk is breakfast. After breakfast, mandi lagi. What else to do.

Overall, it was a good experience. I am impressed by the staff. Very nice always smiling despite most of them are foreigners. Bila nak balik, ada sorang siap minta maaf kalau ada salah silap.

Monday, November 12, 2012

Arissa is Best Student 6 Years

My my my...Arissa is best student 6 years. Congratulations Arissa. Papa is extremely proud of you. Words cannot describe how proud I am. Best subject Bahasa Melayu. 2nd Overall ranking and also Best student 6 years. I wish I was there cheering you on when your name was announced as the best student 6 years. But I was working. I have another cheering on at another place.

Anyway, I went to Toys R Us that night to buy your that Furby that you always wanted. I think you deserve that Furby. Love that Furby.

Ain't Furby cute?

I hope Aryana will follow her sister. She the most patient student. (Really? most patient?). I think the teachers have different version of the meaning of the word 'patient' than us. But still, a medal is a medal and still an accomplishment.

I never thought she would get best student but she did. My respect for Arissa grew that day. Well done Arissa. Remember, tangible results are secondary. Most important values and good islamic character.

Saturday, October 27, 2012

Clever Rabbit and the Wolves

This book is Arissa 12th book as far as we started counting and taking note of the books she read.

  • A Native American folktale retold for beginner readers ready to tackle more complicated storylines and sentence structures.
  • The Clever Rabbit is eating happily in the woods when he has to save a lost sheep from being eaten by a hungry wolf. But will the rabbit’s brains outmatch the wolf’s brawn?
  • Part of the Usborne Reading Programme developed with reading experts at the University of Roehampton.
  • Includes several pages of reading-related puzzles. (Source: Usborne Website)
The rabbit in this story is indeed clever. Never thought that the rabbit could fool the wolves like that. But no animal can challenge our Sang Kancil. :-))

Tuesday, October 9, 2012

The Girl's Favorite Color.

Our topic in the car this morning was favorite colors. What are our favorite colors? Just to start the morning discussion, I told the girls that my favorite colors are BLACK, WHITE and GREEN. All these colors have its own meaning but I wont discuss it in here. So, I asked the girls, in English (which I expect the answer to be in English too), what are their favorite colors. These are their responses.

Arissa:" I like PINK, LIGHT BLUE, YELLOW and RED"
Aryana:" I like PURPLE, GREEN and ORANGE"

Arissa keeps on forgetting when I asked again but Aryana was quite consistent. Asked her the second time, the same three colors she gave me. I am sure that we could find some articles out there about personality based on favorite colors. Need to find those articles. Just for the fun of it.

Welcome to Hotel Transylvania

Hari Sabtu 6 Oct 2012, kami semua (kecuali Adel) pergi menonton Hotel Transylvania di Cathay Cineplex, Damansara. Aktiviti menonton wayang hari itu adalah hadiah kepada Arissa sebab dia berjaya habiskan 6 buah buku. Kalau Arissa dapat habis kan 6 buah buku, dia akan dapat 6 stars dan 6 stars bersamaan dengan satu consumable hadiah. Aryana, free rider. :-)). Tak payah dapat 6 stars pun boleh pergi. Untung lah Yana ni.

Macam mana cerita Hotel Transylvania (HT). Ceritanya memang kelakar. Kalau nak compare dengan kartun yang kami tengok, Madagascar 2, HT lebih kelakar. Walaupun jalan ceritanya biasa biasa saja (Toy Story lebih hebat) tapi tetap ada mesej yang ingin disampaikan. Ia mengingatkan saya pada cerita Afdlin Shauki Papadom di mana si Ayah sangat protektif pada si anak perempuan. Semua karekter menarik dalam cerita ini. Bermula dari Count Dracula (vlah..vlah..vlah...) sampailah kepada Wayne the Werewolf. Cakap pasal karekter, Aryana minat pada Count Dracula. "Sebab dia handsome"...amboi Aryana...You are ONLY 4!. Arissa, being the girly type, dia suka Mavis, anak Count Dracula. Not surprising lah sebab dalam semua cerita yang di tengok nya, kalau ada watak feminin yang sebaya dia, itu lah favorite watak dia.

Walaubagaimanpun, saya rasa cerita ni sedikit perlahan di bahagian awal, tapi lepas tu, ia dah start momentum. Pengenalan pada watak watak monster seperti Frankenstein, the Mummy agak menarik tapi mungkin humournya agak berlebihan. But overall, kami enjoy cerita ni. Kalau nak bagi star, saya akan bagi 6 stars, sama macam Arissa dapat.

Monday, September 24, 2012

Another Cooking Class

--> a backdated entry <---

* 9th September 2012 *

yes..arissa and aryana went for another cooking class..this time around they cooked some garlic bread and cream soup..

and this time around..they were left alone on their own with the teacher ( Kak Marina Mustafa aka Chef Marina Mustafa) ...more so..we want them to learn to be independent ( and so..mama n papa get to go elsewhere while waiting for them )

personally, mama hope arissa n aryana would enjoy cooking later on...

--> we'll look for other cooking classes in the future ye.. (Villa 16 )

here are some pics...

Basic Music Class

* 24th September 2012 *

yesterday, we went to register Arissa & Aryana for the music classes..yes, we want to expose them with lots of activities as to nurture them with their choices of interests...we hope they will get to try out in different activities, and as a way for them to get to know about themselves and their that they will know that they are special in any other way...

so..they will start off with the basic music classes..until grade 4...after that, onlye then they will get to choose what music instruments that they want to play..and as far as now...arissa said, she wants to play the drum..and as for aryana..she wants to play the we just wait n see whether the choices of the instruments maintain until they finish their basic music class...

the class will be on every thursday starting on the 4th of October 2012...

Friday, September 21, 2012

Caca Marba: Jom Baca Surah Al-Kahfi (setiap Hari Jumaat) !

Caca Marba: Jom Baca Surah Al-Kahfi (setiap Hari Jumaat) !: Betapa banyak orang lalai dari amalan yang satu ini ketika malam Jum’at atau hari Jum’at, yaitu membaca surat Al Kahfi. Atau mungkin sebagi...

Papa's Morning Routine

Kerja saya pagi pagi, selain menyiapkan diri untuk pergi kerja, adalah untuk menyiap TP1 and TP2. TP  stands for Tuan Puteri. Nak bangunkan diorang dan siapkan diorang persis tuan puteri. Dua dua susah nak bangun pagi. Biasalah tu. Arissa, TP1, senang sikit nak bangun tapi dia punya tantrum (you should check my YouTube. I video recorded her morning tantrums), memang pening kepala di buat nya. Tapi saya tahulah, itu hanya morning tantrum. So, I just let it be. Lepas dia dah mandi dan siap, an apology will be heard from her. So, I don't take her tantrum seriously. In fact, saya seronok nak sakat dia. The louder the tantrum, the more amusement I get.

TP2, Aryana, is the hardest. Memang susah nak bangun pagi. Tantrum dia tak sehebat Arissa. Tapi susah nak bangun. I prefer listening to Arissa's tantrum rather than nak go through the effort nak kejut kan Aryana. So, desperate measures have to be taken. I use my secret weapon, the water spray bottle. Works every time and like a charm. At least that, got her attention. Bangun tidor is one thing, making her way to the bathroom is another.

TP1 and TP2 bersiap depan TV. Pros and Cons. The pro, saya boleh siapkan diorang cepat. The cons, kalau diorang siap diri sendiri, mata kat TV, tangan nak pakai kain/baju dan semuanya bergerak dalam keadaan slow-mo. But it is okay, at least I got to do some work done, angkat beg letak kat the right side of the backseat. The girls seat on the left side. Bila turun senang. Turun kan beg dulu dan baru girls turun.

Because of ALL that. Arissa dan Aryana HARI HARI lambat. End of the year convocation, kalau ada award the MOST LATE STUDENT, no doubt and I guarantee, Arissa and Aryana will be co-winners.

Thursday, September 20, 2012

Arissa's Reading Project

Arissa is 6 years old this year and she can already read and write. Thanks to Dzuliman, she is already ahead of her class. As I am typing this entry, Adelia is bugging me with her antics. I wanted Arissa to love books and I can see that she does. Just like any other children of her age, she needs to be motivated. Don't we all. So, we started this Dania's Reading Project. At first, we wanted to include Aryana but to me personally, Aryana is just 4. Let Aryana be Aryana at the moment.

The idea of Dania's Reading Project is to motivate her by awarding a star for each book that read. The stars are then accumulated until it reaches to a certain amount  before she can claim her prize. We set the number of stars to 6. So far, she has claimed her first prize, which is a trip to Toys R Us. After that, she has done a couple of readings but then it just dies off.

In order to track her progress, a chart is posted on the wall. The 6 stars on the wall is confirmed. It is the stars after that which I lost track of. So, I figure we need to restart this initiative. Today, Arissa managed to finish reading a story titled Anak Sang Kerbau Berjasa. I personally asked her questions about the story. I just want to ensure that she understood the story and are able to recall events mentioned in the story. The only question that she is unable to answer is regarding the moral of the story. She needs help with that. Moral? What kids know about moral, ethics and the like. If they know all that, all kids in this world will be well behaved and we know that is impossible. I think she reads the story because she just wants to read it. May be she enjoys having the ability to spell the words and pronounce it. That is already an effort.

I put up Arissa's Reading Log on Google Drive.

Keep up the good work Arissa!

Thursday, May 10, 2012

Arissa & Aryana Mengaji Class

on 8th May 2012, arissa & aryana started their mengaji class..we all hantar they all pergi mengaji kat rumah ustazah ni, just across our house...

they seem excited to go mengaji ..they asked to go mengaji like everyday..but we started off with 3days a week, tuesday, wednesday and thursday...

hopefully they will get to mengaji well..and that especially for arissa, bila dia masuk standard 1..takder laa teruk sangat dia nak kena belajar..

Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Grooming A Lil' MasterChef...

* 18 th March 2012 * was the school holiday...and yet, mama had to plan some positive activities for the girls to participate..and lucky for mama that she found out about this one class for moms and kids together in baking cupcakes...yes, that surely sounded interesting..since Arissa also looks like she's interested in this kinda thing..meaning, in cooking..

at first mama thought, just wanted to bring Arissa alone..but knowing Aryana, she surely wants to follow wherever her kakak goes...especially if she knows that the activities are somehow fun to registered both Arissa and Aryana, together with mama in the cupcakes baking and decorating class organized by Laura & Daddy's Macarons ...

the class was conducted at the owner's house..somewhere in Kota was quite easy to find the place, though...and the class started at 11am..and we were the first group to arrive..out of 3 groups..yes it was quite a small group..lucky for us that we get some extra attention compared if they have a big group in the class...

the class started off well...mama is glad to see that Arissa and Aryana enjoyed the class..especially Arissa..because she got to participate in almost all steps in the baking process..and she did well..Aryana also did well..(not to mention about the drama before the class..everyone was a bit tired before the they were a bit grumpy..but luckily when we got to the class...they were okay...)

oohhh well, we also managed to taste "Laura & Daddy's Macarons" red velvet cake (which was super yummy) and their choc cupcakes (the Danias enjoyed the cupcakes very much..memang indulge abis laaa the cupcakes)...

yes..we will surely participate in other classes..if we get the chance, insyallah..mama is trying to find a dish cooking class for the Danias...and the "Laura & Daddy's Macarons" 's owner said that they may organize a cookies baking class someday (which we hope to join)...

---- pictures will be included later, yeah ----------

Wednesday, March 7, 2012

( 4th March 2012 )

..marks arissa's first job in if...
naahhh..not so big as like becoming the next "mia sara" (currently famous child-star)...but it was like arissa's first experience in acting..even so..just for a student's final year project of some sort of a courseware...yes, at least we exposed her to all possible different kinda things that she can get..maybe along the line...she'll know what are her strengths..and in a bulid her confidence..especially when dealing with adults and other people than her parents or relatives...

walaupun, mula-mula tu arissa macam malu-malu and kekok...even the kakak-kakak and the abang-abang pun macam kekok, tak tau macam mana nak treat or attract arissa to loosen down and get warm to them..memang macam kelakar je tengok all the abang-abang, especially the kakak-kakak trying to borak-borak ngan arissa..they even offered her the M&M (currently arissa's fav choc)..awal2 lagi dah di offer chocolate..tapi arissa macam tak termakan dengan all the choc tu..she still malu-malu and senyap je...

but they did continue with the scenes..and it turned out arissa did quite well..mama and papa are so proud of you, arissa..walaupun dengan muka arissa yang sangat serious tu..but we were glad that the kakak and the abang were happy to have their job done..and that we were glad that we got to help them...

here are few pictures throughout the day..which started off at about 10am..and ended almost at 1pm...

nak keluar rumah

being introduced to kakak fatin (the project owner)

before the shoot, main ballons
(aryana as the stunt girl aka double)

the star of the day

arissa & abang moo (abang rahman)

this little girl also tak nak ketinggalan

being briefed

adelia is killing the time

looking at my own self

adelia sampai tertidur waiting for kakak

the star with the manager aka papa

in one of the shot

ice-breaking session by kakak fatin (kena sogok ngan M&M)

getting ready

adelia sudah kebosanan

..the first star...

here is arissa's first star for the "Dania's Reading Project"...her first book that she read was "the chilly little penguin"..and she did retell the story fairly..though she needs more practise...

:: the chilly little penguin::

the first star

----> oohhh by the way, by april 2012, arissa & aryana managed to get their 6 stars, and guess what did they ask for their rewards..?  a set of walkie-talkie...hahahaha

:: introductory about the "Dania's Reading Project"  

Sunday, March 4, 2012

:: our little projects with the Danias ::

~~ March 2012 ~~

currently we have 2 ongoing project with the Danias; arissa & aryana..

..the first one is the "Danias Reading Project"...
we just started this one on the 1st March 2012..
--> how it works?
arissa & aryana need to read a book, and then after reading the book, they will each need to retell the story to either mama or papa..once they manage to do all that, they will be awarded with a star sticker...after they get 5 stickers, they will get to buy another book of their choice...

as to date (3/3/12) , arissa nor aryana have no stars yet..actually, arissa did read a book on the day we started the project, but that one tak kira lagi because she didn't get to retell the story..and as tonight, arissa also wanted to read a story, but she was too tired & sleepy, so tak sempat laaa nak baca..and as for aryana, mama n papa tak der laaa nak expect her to read just yet..because aryana pun belum lagi pandai baca...we just put her name in the project, just to get the project looks meriah..but maybe..we can think of something that aryana can do, that can make her get the star stickers...oh, by the way, we have put up some sort of a chart to keep track their readings..and here how it looks like (just a simple one, as a start up)..

the chart for the "reading project"

..."english @ home" project..
yes! this one we just introduced and started up today (3/3/12)...
--> what is it about?
it's all about english! english! english..we decided to have our own english day (s) -->as we have 2 days in a week that all of us need to speak in malay words in the house on the opposed for now, we decided to have Tuesday and Saturday as our english days...the funny thing about when mama told the girls about this one...immediately aryana changed from calling mama with "mama" to "mummy"...and she begitu beriya2 trying to speak in english..which is kinda funny as her vocab is very limited, and we never heard her speaking in english...and as for arissa..she did manage to speak quite ok..but whatever it is..we hope with frequent and regular practises, mama knows arissa & aryana will be able to speak in english confidently...that is what some sort of the aim for this project..insyallah, we hope this project will keep going...

mama's late new year resolution (2012)

yes, this is like mama's late new year resolution...because mama has just started to have it somewhere around march 2012..

---> what is the resolution? <-----

try to complete at least half of the recipes in this book...

resepi chef norman by alaf 21

so far..mama has done these recipes..

1) brownies coklat & oren..and here is how it looks like...

brownies coklat & oren

:: the verdict ::
---> though it might be burnt a bit..but when arissa, aryana (especially) and papa said that it was "sedap"...mama dah rasa cukup seronok..and a bit of "kembang setaman"..especially biler aryana said..."sedap laaa mama"..(with that cute and manja face)..terus mama melt...

2) ayam madu panggang...

ayam madu panggang

:: verdict ::
---> this is like satay ayam..when mama cooked this one...ada one missing ingredient yang mama lupa nak cari..which was the paprika..and mama did some ammendments here and there in terms of adding some other spices like the italian spices..and at the time mama buat this recipe..arissa & aryana masing2 dah sleepy..arissa langsung x rasa..but aryana managed to taste a stick if it je..then she dah sibuk nak tidur..dah mengantuk sangat..and as for papa..his comment was.."the taste is alright, but if we have some sort of gravy, would be nicer"...but since takder gravy..we just ate them with thousand island, cili sos and mayonnaise..

Thursday, February 23, 2012

Tutu dah habis riwayat..

too marks the end of Tutu's life...yesterday night, mama and papa found out that Tutu dah macam x bergerak..and so..this evening..Arissa, Aryana & papa tanam laaa Tutu...but too bad jugak..mama x sempat nak ambik gambar you guys tanam Tutu..Aryana's remark on her tortoise (Tutu is aryana's)..being that.."dia x jaga Tutu betul2..." (memang puunnnnn..) hihi.. :)

Sambutan Maulidur Rasul 1433H

on the 19th Feb. 2012..ada sambutan Maulidur Rasul kat Masjid Ar-Rahimah, kat Gombak tu...kita semua join sekali because..kita buat aqiqah untuk Adelia that Adelia dah 6 months old..we decided to make her aqiqah as simple as can be..dah sesambil kat masjid kat gombak tu ada orang buat skali aqiqah and sambutan maulidur rasul..tu yg kita pun tumpang sekali..this one nye aqiqah we just ambil one bahagian of the lembu...

with the laa a few activities being done at the masjid...

and Arissa got lucky..that she dapat masuk pertandingan treaure hunt tu..that one..untuk 5-6 years first ingatkan nak masukkan Arissa and Aryana untuk pertandingan mewarna tu..tapi yang mewarna tu untuk 7 years and of the girls, x dapat laaa masuk..and too bad also for Aryana that she tak dapat masuk the treasure hunt jugak....bcos activiti kat situ semua untuk 5 years and above...takper laaa, aryana...maybe kalau ada time aryana dah 5 years..boleh laaa join ye...

for the treasure hunt tu...a parent kena join skali ngan the laa kira partner arissa for the treasure abang tu suruh the participants tu masuk..arissa and papa kena duduk kat the sejadah first mama and aryana nak laa mengendeng kat tepi arissa and papa...skali kena halau..and bila mama ajak aryana keluar..aryana pun..terus laaa nangis..sebab dia pun nak duduk skali dekat ngan papa and kakak..but what to do..kena jugak laa duduk kat tepi2 tu...and when the hunt started...mama tengok arissa punya laaa lari laju jer..mencicit larinya..bersungguh2 dia carik all the things..very determined laa arissa ni..maklum laaa before the event...semua orang dok siap canang..kalau menang dpt hadiah..i guess...she was determined to get the prize...and guess what..she got lucky..and won the 4th prize...(yang dpt hadiah besar, ada 5...yang lain2 dapat consolation prizes)..kira arissa managed to get Top 5..yay! to Arissa...

as for Aryana..takper laaa's not your time yet..but mama'll do excellent as well when the time comes.. :)

so here are a few pictures during the sambutan..

Arissa & Adelia

Arissa dapat hadiah

lari Arissa (treasure hunt)

Arissa excited

Arissa & papa are ready for treasure hunt

peace yo!

..saya 5 tahun...

yes! among the Top 5 for treasure hunt

Saturday, February 18, 2012

makan makan lagi for Adelia

this week..mama ada introduce a new taste for Adelia lagi..this time around..mama bagi Adelia makan red rice and green peas...looked like Adelia loved the taste..laju je dia makan...mama rasa..Adelia ni memang suka makan far..apa saje yang diberi..laju je dia makan..mama pun suka laa kalau camni..leh cuba2 resepi2 lain pulak...

red rice + green peas
this one time makan the red rice + green peas

ye ye je nak pegang sendiri

Sunday, February 12, 2012

a new recipe..

today 12th February 2012...mama just introduced some..not some..just one of cavendish banana..mama just lenyek2 the banana..and suap to first..she took it very slow..but towards the end..she can accept the ni mama just bagi Adelia makan banana...

cavendish banana
--->> bananas ni yang paling senang kalau time2 malas nak masak..and also time balik kampung time2 weekend tu...nak masak2 lenyek2 je laaa..

( 18th Feb. 2012)

mama dah beli some avocados..which mama nak try give to Adelia..dah peram..and ada satu tu time mama kopek..dia rasa macam dah masak laaa..and mama pun dah steam n pureed...but belum lagi try bagi kat Adelia..but dah save in the freezer..maybe next week nak try give that one pulak...tapi ada satu avocado tu..masa mama kopek tu..dia macam x masak lak lagi..ish...rasa rugi laaa pulak..serious x brp expert laaa mama nak tau which one dah masak or not..orang kata kalau kita tekan2 tu.,.dia lembik..means dah masak..tapi yang satu yang mcm x masak tu, time mama picit rasa macam dah lembik jugak...tapi bila kopek, macam x masak lak...kena try lagi laaa nampak gayanye..


( 23rd Feb. 2012 )

today, mama introduced a new puree for Adelia..which is sweet potato..colour orange..and her acceptance to the puree was good..not too bad..

orange sweet potato
..and this will be the next new taste for Adelia..sedang tunggu nak masak je sikit lagi... :)

----> haha..the papaya tak sempat nak bagi Adelia, sebab dah habis dimakan oleh mama, papa, arissa & aryana...takper laaa time mama try give adelia, ok...

(29th Feb. 2012)

oohh..mama dah prepare kan adelia these 2 recipes the day before..pear and beetroot...
but mama just introduced some pear to adelia today..the beetroot will be next time...

the red colour is beetroot, the other one is pear

(7th March 2012)

this time..mama dah prepare some pumpkin puree for Adelia...yet to be tasted by Adelia..somewhere over the weekend, maybe...

pumpkin puree