Saturday, September 12, 2009

Happy Birthday Aryana. You are 1 today

Today is Aryana's birthday. We still remember clearly the events that lead to the birth of Aryana. Papa was in the labor room when miracle takes its course. I could clearly see something that looks like a black sponge and that poops!!..just imagine a wet soap popping out from your grip.

Okaylah Aryana, today is your birthday, So we, as a family would like to wish you Happy Birthday. You are ONE year old today. Be good. Tonight we are going to have a simple and small birthday party...just us.

Arissa visit Tadika Dzuliman

Hari Rabu 9/9/09 lepas ambik Aryana dan Arissa dari taska, kita semua pergi Tadika Dzuliman di Desa Tronoh. Ramai orang recommend Tadika tu so, kita pergi nak check it out. Arissa pun for the first time visit lah tadika tu for the first time. Kira macam tadika pertama Arissa lah. Arissa kan next year 4 years old. Dah boleh masuk tadika dah. So far puas hati lah dengan tadika tu. The fees look affordable and the curriculum looks good too.