Sunday, March 4, 2012

:: our little projects with the Danias ::

~~ March 2012 ~~

currently we have 2 ongoing project with the Danias; arissa & aryana..

..the first one is the "Danias Reading Project"...
we just started this one on the 1st March 2012..
--> how it works?
arissa & aryana need to read a book, and then after reading the book, they will each need to retell the story to either mama or papa..once they manage to do all that, they will be awarded with a star sticker...after they get 5 stickers, they will get to buy another book of their choice...

as to date (3/3/12) , arissa nor aryana have no stars yet..actually, arissa did read a book on the day we started the project, but that one tak kira lagi because she didn't get to retell the story..and as tonight, arissa also wanted to read a story, but she was too tired & sleepy, so tak sempat laaa nak baca..and as for aryana, mama n papa tak der laaa nak expect her to read just yet..because aryana pun belum lagi pandai baca...we just put her name in the project, just to get the project looks meriah..but maybe..we can think of something that aryana can do, that can make her get the star stickers...oh, by the way, we have put up some sort of a chart to keep track their readings..and here how it looks like (just a simple one, as a start up)..

the chart for the "reading project"

..."english @ home" project..
yes! this one we just introduced and started up today (3/3/12)...
--> what is it about?
it's all about english! english! english..we decided to have our own english day (s) -->as we have 2 days in a week that all of us need to speak in malay words in the house on the opposed for now, we decided to have Tuesday and Saturday as our english days...the funny thing about when mama told the girls about this one...immediately aryana changed from calling mama with "mama" to "mummy"...and she begitu beriya2 trying to speak in english..which is kinda funny as her vocab is very limited, and we never heard her speaking in english...and as for arissa..she did manage to speak quite ok..but whatever it is..we hope with frequent and regular practises, mama knows arissa & aryana will be able to speak in english confidently...that is what some sort of the aim for this project..insyallah, we hope this project will keep going...

mama's late new year resolution (2012)

yes, this is like mama's late new year resolution...because mama has just started to have it somewhere around march 2012..

---> what is the resolution? <-----

try to complete at least half of the recipes in this book...

resepi chef norman by alaf 21

so far..mama has done these recipes..

1) brownies coklat & oren..and here is how it looks like...

brownies coklat & oren

:: the verdict ::
---> though it might be burnt a bit..but when arissa, aryana (especially) and papa said that it was "sedap"...mama dah rasa cukup seronok..and a bit of "kembang setaman"..especially biler aryana said..."sedap laaa mama"..(with that cute and manja face)..terus mama melt...

2) ayam madu panggang...

ayam madu panggang

:: verdict ::
---> this is like satay ayam..when mama cooked this one...ada one missing ingredient yang mama lupa nak cari..which was the paprika..and mama did some ammendments here and there in terms of adding some other spices like the italian spices..and at the time mama buat this recipe..arissa & aryana masing2 dah sleepy..arissa langsung x rasa..but aryana managed to taste a stick if it je..then she dah sibuk nak tidur..dah mengantuk sangat..and as for papa..his comment was.."the taste is alright, but if we have some sort of gravy, would be nicer"...but since takder gravy..we just ate them with thousand island, cili sos and mayonnaise..