Friday, May 24, 2013

Arissa first time encounter with the dentist

On Tuesday this week, Arissa went to her first trip to the dentist after complaining she has a loose tooth. It seems that this tooth is going to give way to another tooth. Luckily there was a dentist nearby our housing area. We went there for the first time. I am sure that Arissa was very nervous about this trip :-))

The clinic was open. When wanted to register, the nurse said the she was not sure whether the dentist will be in. That is just dandy. How can you keep opening the clinic but simultaneously telling the patients that dentist might or might not be arriving. I think the nurse should just say that the dentist will not be coming and it will save us all the trouble.

But in the end, the dentist came after hearing that there was only two children who needs tooth repair. I think that if there are many adult patients, the dentist will not even bother to come. To cut it short, this dentist is a turn off.

It turns out that the dentist was not that bad after all. She handled Arissa well, which I think is good. Finally, the dentist decided not pull out the loose tooth. It is not troubling Arissa anyway and second of all, Arissa looked a bit terrified. So, there is no need to take out the loose tooth. Arissa looked relief. :-) The dentist said that Arissa's teeth is clean and looks perfectly balance. Aryana's teeth on the other hand, is....not so clean. As we all expected. :-))