Friday, December 28, 2012

Happy 6th Birthday Arissa

Today is Arissa's 6th birthday. It has been 6 years, this beautiful person come to our life. We are blessed and we thank Allah for allowing Arissa to be part of our life. I pray that I can stay a little longer on this earth to see Arissa grow up.

On this special day, we are about to get ready to go out and celebrate. This year might not be the best year that we have celebrated Arissa's birthday but it is the get together that counts. I personally enjoy Arissa's presence. Every minute of it. Just looking at her face, listening to all her questions is a blessing. As a father, I do get angry at times with her. I admit that I feel like screaming at the top of my lungs every time she do 'stupid' things but thinking about the cutest things she has done, really suppresses that anger quickly. And I think that is unfair to say 'stupid' things. She is a 6 years old and most of the time, I think, she do it because of she's just being herself i.e a kid. I do admit also that I get angry because of being at the wrong place and at the wrong time. But again, she is just a kid.

But deep down insider me, I love Arissa so much. So much so that words fail to describe my actually feelings towards my eldest. I love being with her, I love hugging her, I love watching her laugh, I love talking nonsense with her :-)) , Well, I love everything about her. I love you Arissa. Happy Birthday.

I guess everyone is waiting for me to get ready. Okay, we bought a birthday ice cream cake at Baskin Robbins. Arissa chose the cake and it was very very nice. Before that, we had dinner at Sushi King. After the cake at Baskin Robbins, we went to Popular and I told Arissa to choose one thing that she wanted the most. It turned out that she want stickers that cost RM9.90 phew! :-)) . Happy Birthday Arissa, again...and I love you..always have and always will.