Saturday, September 14, 2013

B/O Amilia left hospital on Friday

We left hospital on Friday 13/9/2013 at noon.

The baby which we called unofficially Aisara spent her first night in Tronoh. Let just say that it was a sleepless night for all of us. All of us took turn in singing lullabies.

But as a matter of fact, we are all SO HAPPY and EXCITED to have Aisara. Thank you Allah. We all just can't get our eyes off her. That is what I felt when I recited the Azan and Iqamah and the two surahs Al Qadr and Al Ikhlas with a final surah Al Insyirah on her forelock. I just can't my eyes off her. I wanted to stay longer and just stare at her. That is what I felt. Every children has its moment and it is mostly indescribable. You can say that you are happy and excited but the feeling is more than that. It is indescribable.


Thursday, September 12, 2013

Happy Birthday Aryana

Today is Aryana's birthday. You are 5 today. Happy birthday love. We all love you so much. We will make a video soon. I hope.

We are at the hospital right now.

We arrived at Hospital Pantai around 7:30am. After I settled the check-in, I made my way at Level 1 Maternity ward. I was told that the first induction took place at 8:20am. The medication will be given every 2 hours.

I am now sitting next to Mama's bed, she is asleep by the way, waiting for the delivering process to make its course. The induction was done twice already with the last one at 10:30am. Well, I can hear someone has just delivered a baby. I could hear the wailing. Was there another one? I could hear a baby crying and the nurse screaming 'teran lagi...teran lagi...sambung lagi....terus jer'. It is either there is another labor going on or the same mother giving birth to a twin. I am curious to know but I think it is none of my business.

I don;t know how long I am going to wait. I hope it will not be that long. We just want to get it over with.

Am I hearing this correctly that we are not yet settled with the name Dania Aisara. I think Dania Aisara is a cool name. Dania Afnin...sounds cool too.

Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Despicable Me 2 Birthday Present

Aryana's birthday is tomorrow. She celebrated her birthday at Dzuliman today. Mama ordered a Despicable Me cake. Really cute.

What are you doing Adel?

Teka mana Aryana? 

Mama and I will be quite busy tomorrow preparing ourselves mentally for the arrival of our new Dania. If new Dania is born tomorrow, she will have the same birthday as Aryana which I think is pretty cool. So, because of our tight schedule tomorrow, cutting cake ceremony for Aryana has to be done today.

Mama bought her a Despicable Me toy. I don't know what to give. I was thinking about colour pencils, crayons or something like that. I am not sure what she likes at the moment. She has been reading a lot of books but we lots of books AND we have already have lots of toys. Colouring utensils seems nice.

Aryana opening her presents while her sister's watching

Will another Dania be born tomorrow?

I really hope so. We have to be at the hospital around 0700 hrs. Admitted and warded around 0730 hrs. Induced and just wait for a miracle to happen.

I wish that I could witness the birth just like I did when Aryana was born.

We have to move from the house around 6:45am - 7am.

Friday, May 24, 2013

Arissa first time encounter with the dentist

On Tuesday this week, Arissa went to her first trip to the dentist after complaining she has a loose tooth. It seems that this tooth is going to give way to another tooth. Luckily there was a dentist nearby our housing area. We went there for the first time. I am sure that Arissa was very nervous about this trip :-))

The clinic was open. When wanted to register, the nurse said the she was not sure whether the dentist will be in. That is just dandy. How can you keep opening the clinic but simultaneously telling the patients that dentist might or might not be arriving. I think the nurse should just say that the dentist will not be coming and it will save us all the trouble.

But in the end, the dentist came after hearing that there was only two children who needs tooth repair. I think that if there are many adult patients, the dentist will not even bother to come. To cut it short, this dentist is a turn off.

It turns out that the dentist was not that bad after all. She handled Arissa well, which I think is good. Finally, the dentist decided not pull out the loose tooth. It is not troubling Arissa anyway and second of all, Arissa looked a bit terrified. So, there is no need to take out the loose tooth. Arissa looked relief. :-) The dentist said that Arissa's teeth is clean and looks perfectly balance. Aryana's teeth on the other hand, is....not so clean. As we all expected. :-))

Thursday, January 3, 2013

Aryana bisul di paha?

Aryana komplen kaki sakit. Sikit sikit adoi...sikit adoi. Kekadang tu jalan pun macam tempang sikit. Tak pasti pula samaada itu hanya melebih lebih atau apa tapi nampak muka memang kesian. Saya rasa macam bisul. Disebabkan nak kepastian, saya Google Image 'bisul' dan ternyata gambar yang di tunjukkan dan juga bonjolan di paha Aryana adalah semua. Nak kena pergi klinik hari ni lepas sekolah. Hari ni masa hantar Aryana ke sekolah, saya beritahu cikgu siap siap yang bahagian dia macam ada bisul.

Baru baru ni Aryana kena ketumbit. Macam macam Aryana ni :-))

Arissa's first day at school today.

Arissa starts her standard 1 at Sek Keb Seri Iskandar today. Well, I can say that she survived her first day and it didn't surprised me at all. She is already used to it and furthermore, from what I have heard, her two best friends were there: Syira and Atikah.

The day before, I went to the school to register her, collected her textbooks and bought her some school stationaries. I also had the opportunity to listen to the briefing by the headmaster about school stuffs. So, I got to know more or less about KSSR curriculum, the role of PIBG, and many others policies in abbreviations that sounds weird. One thing that I am interested with is the fact the SKSI is the only school that offers mandarin class. I really hope that Arissa can join this class. Another option is Arabic but you can get Arabic classes everywhere.

The school also has a blog

So, what can I say about Arissa first day at school. To begin with, I was not there :-)) but I have the feeling that she is going to be alright. Furthermore, it happens that Mama was also a teacher (also on her first day at school!). Secondly, I feel that Arissa is an independent girl. She is independent enough to be all on her own and I trust the teachers (I mean we should, right). The headmaster said during the briefing, once you dropped your kids at school, just leave them there. I thought of the same thing. Let them explore and let them experience that moment. I want my kids to be tough despite being girls.

Above all, I think Arissa is going to be okay. Study hard Arissa. You are 7 years old this year. Show examples to your other sisters.