Sunday, February 12, 2012

a new recipe..

today 12th February 2012...mama just introduced some..not some..just one of cavendish banana..mama just lenyek2 the banana..and suap to first..she took it very slow..but towards the end..she can accept the ni mama just bagi Adelia makan banana...

cavendish banana
--->> bananas ni yang paling senang kalau time2 malas nak masak..and also time balik kampung time2 weekend tu...nak masak2 lenyek2 je laaa..

( 18th Feb. 2012)

mama dah beli some avocados..which mama nak try give to Adelia..dah peram..and ada satu tu time mama kopek..dia rasa macam dah masak laaa..and mama pun dah steam n pureed...but belum lagi try bagi kat Adelia..but dah save in the freezer..maybe next week nak try give that one pulak...tapi ada satu avocado tu..masa mama kopek tu..dia macam x masak lak lagi..ish...rasa rugi laaa pulak..serious x brp expert laaa mama nak tau which one dah masak or not..orang kata kalau kita tekan2 tu.,.dia lembik..means dah masak..tapi yang satu yang mcm x masak tu, time mama picit rasa macam dah lembik jugak...tapi bila kopek, macam x masak lak...kena try lagi laaa nampak gayanye..


( 23rd Feb. 2012 )

today, mama introduced a new puree for Adelia..which is sweet potato..colour orange..and her acceptance to the puree was good..not too bad..

orange sweet potato
..and this will be the next new taste for Adelia..sedang tunggu nak masak je sikit lagi... :)

----> haha..the papaya tak sempat nak bagi Adelia, sebab dah habis dimakan oleh mama, papa, arissa & aryana...takper laaa time mama try give adelia, ok...

(29th Feb. 2012)

oohh..mama dah prepare kan adelia these 2 recipes the day before..pear and beetroot...
but mama just introduced some pear to adelia today..the beetroot will be next time...

the red colour is beetroot, the other one is pear

(7th March 2012)

this time..mama dah prepare some pumpkin puree for Adelia...yet to be tasted by Adelia..somewhere over the weekend, maybe...

pumpkin puree

Arissa and Aryana 's First Ever Pets..

at last..we decided to let arissa and aryana to have their pets..and we decided that they can have the tortoises for their arissa's point of view of having her to have a parrot or a bird..because currently her craze is all about Rio the for aryana..she just follows her sister...

Rio the movie

so..on 12th February 2012..we went to the pet shop in Seri Iskandar..but it was like a surprise for the both girls..we didn't go straight away to the shop..but we had some roti canai first at the shop next door to the pet shop..acting like it is like any normal days..when we passed by the pet shop..arissa and aryana had a look at the tortoises which were displayed right in front of the shop..then..arissa being herself whenever she is at any pet shop...saying that when she grows up...she would want to have a bird as her pet..but when mama said..the shop takder just said that she wanted the tortoise...

after we had the roti canai..we went to the pet shop..konon2 macam nak browse je the shop...but when papa said to the girls that they can have the tortoises..muka masing2 so are the two tortoises..currently..they are named by "Lala" and "Tutu"..tutu is aryana tortoise..which is slightly small and has a darker green..and lala is arissa's tortoise which is bigger and slightly fairer..the shells also have different design...

:: Lala (left) & Tutu (right) ::