Thursday, January 3, 2013

Aryana bisul di paha?

Aryana komplen kaki sakit. Sikit sikit adoi...sikit adoi. Kekadang tu jalan pun macam tempang sikit. Tak pasti pula samaada itu hanya melebih lebih atau apa tapi nampak muka memang kesian. Saya rasa macam bisul. Disebabkan nak kepastian, saya Google Image 'bisul' dan ternyata gambar yang di tunjukkan dan juga bonjolan di paha Aryana adalah semua. Nak kena pergi klinik hari ni lepas sekolah. Hari ni masa hantar Aryana ke sekolah, saya beritahu cikgu siap siap yang bahagian dia macam ada bisul.

Baru baru ni Aryana kena ketumbit. Macam macam Aryana ni :-))

Arissa's first day at school today.

Arissa starts her standard 1 at Sek Keb Seri Iskandar today. Well, I can say that she survived her first day and it didn't surprised me at all. She is already used to it and furthermore, from what I have heard, her two best friends were there: Syira and Atikah.

The day before, I went to the school to register her, collected her textbooks and bought her some school stationaries. I also had the opportunity to listen to the briefing by the headmaster about school stuffs. So, I got to know more or less about KSSR curriculum, the role of PIBG, and many others policies in abbreviations that sounds weird. One thing that I am interested with is the fact the SKSI is the only school that offers mandarin class. I really hope that Arissa can join this class. Another option is Arabic but you can get Arabic classes everywhere.

The school also has a blog

So, what can I say about Arissa first day at school. To begin with, I was not there :-)) but I have the feeling that she is going to be alright. Furthermore, it happens that Mama was also a teacher (also on her first day at school!). Secondly, I feel that Arissa is an independent girl. She is independent enough to be all on her own and I trust the teachers (I mean we should, right). The headmaster said during the briefing, once you dropped your kids at school, just leave them there. I thought of the same thing. Let them explore and let them experience that moment. I want my kids to be tough despite being girls.

Above all, I think Arissa is going to be okay. Study hard Arissa. You are 7 years old this year. Show examples to your other sisters.