Saturday, July 17, 2010

Parents-Teacher Meeting Day

:: 17 July 2010 ::

In the morning, we had a Parent-Teacher Meeting (PTM) day at Tadika Dzul Iman. So this is like the first report day card for know her progress for the past 1st six month for this year...

We went there at about 11am...sebaik we all sampai situ..ramai pulak parents yang baru nak us..ada one parent..ayah Fatimah (classmate Arissa, class cheerful jugak) waited for her father to finish the discussion between the father-teacher...

Ohh, by the way..masa sampai2 tu..Arissa dah muka serious jer..and yang tak larat tuh..Aryana pulak..bukak2 pintu jer..dah nangis..maybe dia rasa macam dia nak kena hantar ker taska kot..padahal, before that..macam dah seronok2..macam nak gih jalan2..sian dia...

And then..sampai2 kat muka pintu sekolah tu ajer..Arissa and Aryana..both were crying..hahah..Aryana was the 1st to cry..then..followed by Arissa..when she kena sakat with the teachers...the teachers said "eehh, lawanya baju Arissa"...because...before home..she did tell mama.."arissa nak duduk dalam kereta jer laa..sebab nanti teacher marah arissa tak pakai tudung"...well..guess..that made her cried when we were there..

But..after some pujuk session with the teachers...finally Arissa pun stay put..and Aryana slowly..warm-up to the place..lepas tu..Aryana ligat laaa...Arissa masih duduk baik jer..guess..suspen nak jumpa teacher laaa..with the Mama n the Papa..hehe..

Anyhow..when we managed to see Teacher Fieza...the progress review from Teacher Fieza was that..Arissa is an advance student...she can catch up quite fast..and so far..Mama and Papa are satisfied with Arissa's progress at school...and she's quite well-behaved at school..just this one little comment on Arissa from the teacher.."Arissa senang menangis"..hahaha..mana tak jadik "ratu air mata"...and that's what Arissa's gelaran at school..heheh

Whatever it is..Mama and Papa are so proud of you Arissa..we hope that you can give good example to your sisters and brothers (insyallah, amiinnn..)...and we know that you'll be a great big sister to your sisters and brothers...yay! Arissa...tu yang terus..abis kat Tadika Dzul Iman..terus jer pergi Jusco..kasik chance kat Arissa naik her rewards... :)