Monday, November 12, 2012

Arissa is Best Student 6 Years

My my my...Arissa is best student 6 years. Congratulations Arissa. Papa is extremely proud of you. Words cannot describe how proud I am. Best subject Bahasa Melayu. 2nd Overall ranking and also Best student 6 years. I wish I was there cheering you on when your name was announced as the best student 6 years. But I was working. I have another cheering on at another place.

Anyway, I went to Toys R Us that night to buy your that Furby that you always wanted. I think you deserve that Furby. Love that Furby.

Ain't Furby cute?

I hope Aryana will follow her sister. She the most patient student. (Really? most patient?). I think the teachers have different version of the meaning of the word 'patient' than us. But still, a medal is a medal and still an accomplishment.

I never thought she would get best student but she did. My respect for Arissa grew that day. Well done Arissa. Remember, tangible results are secondary. Most important values and good islamic character.