Saturday, April 2, 2011

How to Clean Sippy Cup Straws

Arissa and Aryana use this on a daily basis. Two approaches to clean this sippy cup straws. Run it through water OR do as what these websites suggested. Anybody knows where I can get pipe cleaners?

  1. How to Clean Sippy Cup Lids, Cups and Straws. Arissa uses this. Her usual request sounds something like this 'Papa (or Mama), Arissa nak susu dalam cup baru?'.
  2. How to Clean Sippy Cup Straws?
  3. The best way to clean a sippy cup straw without using a dishwasher - This is from Yahoo Answer. Some of the commenter stated vinegar and bleach. Hot soapy water is the normal practice.
Sippy Cups

Pipe Cleaners - You can make crafts out of these