Thursday, December 17, 2009

:: 17th December 2009 :: - Part 1 ~~ Dora the Explorer ~~ -

On this day...The Danias were pretty busy..first....a meet up with 'Dora the Explorer'...second..opah's birthday bash (some sort...)

:: Meet Up with Dora the Explorer ::

As early as 10:30am..we went out from the house...the original plan was..the whole gang keluar skali..(mama, arissa, aryana, opah n atuk)...but then..pagi2 tuh..opah kata..dia macam pening FIRST..we decided..opah n aryana stayed at home...but then..when mama, arissa n atuk were about to go out...suddenly..aryana pun nak ikut skali..dah nangis2 nak ikut LAST..we decided to bring aryana along..bukannya apa..mama takut kalau bawak aryana with just mama n atuk, takder opah skali...takut tak menang tangan..but bila tengok muka aryana tuh..macam kesian jer laaa..bawak laaa aryana skali..sian opah...tinggal sorang2.....

then..sampai kat 1Utama tu..sedang2 elok..pukul 11am...we went straight to the place..and see how's the place..tengok..mula2..takder laaa ramai laaa..arissa n aryana hanging around kat situ kejap..dapat laaa sorang satu tattoo kat tangan, arissa pulak..dapat laaa main basketball tu (tapi satu pun tak masuk..heeh)...then..ada one big box ni...that u have to get inside and grab as many papers as u can..mama try laa masukkan arissa dalam tuh...but arissa just stand still..and tak buat kinda kena kick-out from there..errkksss..

so...sementara nak tunggu Dora datang..since there was free coffees @ starbucks...mama n atuk managed to enjoyed the coffees (yummy..sluurrrppp..the coffee was good!)... about noon..mama n arissa went to the place again..(at time hour..aryana dah tido..)...
while waiting for Dora..they have some arissa join laaa aktiviti mewarna tuh..

at about 12:45pm...they announced that we had to get the photo passes for us to take a picture with Dora...and yet..we had to wait..until 1pm to meet waiting..they had some interactions with the comes.... DORA THE EXPLORER...

(spot the difference?)

but..mama thinks..the waiting is not worthwhile the time with Dora..meaning that..the appearance of Dora was way too short...arissa kept saying..nak jumpa dora..nak jumpa dora...BUT..arissa managed to get 2 photo shoots..hehe..and they gave free printed photos..yay!! the way..being among the so called 100 first persons..we managed to get free gifts..which include a t-shirt (which is wayyyy toooo big for either arissa or aryana), one activity book, and one some sort of magazine?

aahhh..we went back home..right after the photo 2 something we reached's and aryana's activity..was just meeting up with Dora the Explorer..(but for up with Dora in her dream...zzz...yang lawaknya..sebaik nak balik..BARU laaa aryana terjaga...mmm..)