Friday, January 27, 2012

Adelia is ready...

in about 2 weeks time..adelia will be ready for her first solid the mama's mind is "what will be her 1st ever solid food?".."is it going to be apples? or avocados? or as simple as bananas?"..and what is stronger in mama's mind is "maybe it will be some juicy red apples or avocados will be nice too"...hmmm...

whatever it is..even now..adelia dah start kecap2 mulut bila tengok orang makan..and even bila mama terpaksa dukung her while cooking..mulut dah kecap2 jugak..aiyooo..silap2 ada yang mama suap awal..don't need to wait that 2 weeks laaa...even so..the other day..mama dah kasik adelia rasa nectarin sket..alaaaa..tak luak mana pun..even this morning pun..dah kasik adelia rasa oat yg mama selalu makan tu sket..but takder laaaa sampai one whole spoonful...just nak kasik dia rasa je..because kesian tengok muka dia beriya2 tengok orang makan...

even now...mama yang terlebih excited..dah siap with all the gadgets..

:: Adelia's food gadgets ::

this time around mama will try her best to give just her "air tangan" for Adelia..mama tau..masa time kakak Arissa & kak Aryana..mama banyak guna express je..semua ready-made food..sian kat those two girls..since now..mama is a bit more rajin to masuk dapur..(actually..macam memaksakan diri untuk rajin) this year punya mission will go smoothly and with success..yay! to mama..(have to give myself a lil' bit of encouragement... ;)

Thursday, January 12, 2012

- December 2011 -

the month of December 2011 was a busy month for our family..yup..we traveled a lot..not to mention..quite a number of visits to the hotel ( the was a bliss..)..starting from mama's cousin's wedding
reception...which was held at JWW Marriot, Putrajaya..(this is one heck of fine hotel..memang enjoy laa the girls to spend like 2 nights here..)...

...then..on the 9th December 2011..we went to Grand Lexis, Port Dickson...this is another nice place to stay..especially to those yg nak pergi honeymoon...this is like the perfect place to stay...memang awesome...they have a swimming pool in the girls enjoyed the swimming pool a can say..that they stayed in the pool like 24hrs...sampai2 je...terus masuk swimming pool..malam masuk lagi..pagi esok nye masuk lagi..but we were really glad that the girls get to enjoy themselves for is like her first experience getting into the pool...mula2 masuk dalam swimming usual laaa..she terkecut kecut laaa..but later on...she just relaxed...nice...

..the last trip...was the trip to Johor/Singapore...on the 28th December 2011 until 30th December 2011...
this trip was like our big event for the year..since it was our first ever trip 'over the sea' as one family..the
five of for mama and was like our first ever challenge to handle these 3 little girls...and
quite amazing..mama and papa didn't get to turn into mode - *tarik2 rambut*..lucky for us..besides..we know..our girls are very good girls.. :)

- trip to JB/Spore -

28th December 2011
it was a day after Arissa's birthday..we purposely chose another date other than Arissa's birthday..with the
reason, not only..that was the only time that mama and papa get to breathe some air off the work..but also..since everytime Arissa's birthday..we celebrated her birthday outside (meaning, go somewhere..) this time around..even though not quite..but we tried not to celebrate her birthday, somehow...extravagantly...because..usually..time Aryana's birthday...Aryana didn't get to celebrate her birthday extravagantly..because..her birthday..somehow always fall on either time puasa or time so suitable to celebrate like Arissa's...but whatever it is..both of the girls get to enjoy herself...

so..on the day..we started the journey as early as we was like 7am++ that we started from Shah Alam..Arissa and Aryana..dengan tak mandi nye..terus je laaaa bawak masuk the car...same goes to Adelia..just mama and papa je laaa kena fresh2... :)

on the way to JB..we had our stop at JPO (Johore Premium Outlet)..somewhere in that was like 11am this time..the JPO was newly it was a talk of everyone..but in mama's humble opinion..the place i.e the handbags (since mama is so crazy about handbags)..were not so much to the terms of the designs and also the price was like biasa2 je...mama ended up tak beli aper..but papa did buy some stuffs from nike..but mama must say that things from nike or adidas were quite appealing...we arrived at JB about 2 that time..everyone was we decided to rest je kat hotel..we stayed at Tune Hotel, JB..near to Danga Bay...and at late evening, at first papa thought of buying straight the bus tickets to USS (Universal Studio Singapore) from the small shop next to the 7-Eleven within the Tune Hotel compound..but we were so tired..that we ended up going down to the shop at about just after 8pm...but unlucky for us..the shop just closed at we had to keep our fingers crossed that tomorrow will be tickets for us to USS...after that we wanted to go to a so-called have some money we decided to go to Danga Bay was quite a shock for us..that the mall..mcm 'hidup segan, mati tak mau' seems ada banyak kedai kat situ, they even have a Metrojaya there..but orang or to say pengunjung...we can almost say..langsung x de kat add to our unlucky vibes for the day..Adelia pulak dah buat her bisnes..sampai habis kena baju dia..and the best thing was...mama pulak x bawak langsung baju untuk salin..but nasib baik ada extra diapers in the we had to buy a baju for Adelia at the Metrojaya..and nak menambahkan kebengangan nye..punya laaa kat satu floor tu...langsung x de kaunter nak bayar yang bukak..we had to get down to the other floor untuk bayar that one baju..mama dah betul2 menyirap..terus jadik tension..huhu...but whatever it was..we survived the night with having dinner at Singgah Selalu..which in mama's another humble opinion is..'indah khabar dari rasa'..yeah..maybe we had
ordered wrongly..but i think the place is more for geng2 melepak more like it..hmmm...we ended up in the bed at about 11pm..among other thing...we managed to change the money despite the worries that the place might not have any money changers by the look of it... ;)

29th December 2011
as early as 5:30am..mama had to wake everyone up as we needed to catch the 7am bus to USS (as in mind, we still didn't buy the tickets) 6:30am (as the booth opens at we had to be the early catchers as possible) that time..papa, Arissa and Aryana were the ones who had to queue at the booth to buy for the tickets, as for mama and Adelia were busying ourselves with ourselves and other stuffs..but alhamdulillah..we managed to get the 7am tickets..and the bus was on time...and it was full...we had to get on and off the bus for like 2 times for immigration check-out and check-in..until we arrived at USS at about 8am++...awal2 lagi dah ramai juga orang menunggu kat depan tu..but since we had our tickets we just hang around the place to wait for the open at the time 10am..everyone was queueing to get into USS...and the 1st place that we head to was the Transformer ride...and mama and Arissa were the lucky persons to get on the ride..and it was awesome..luckily our waiting time was not that long..but to get had to go through quite a long line until you reached the ride..but when we got out from the ride...the queue time was like 1hour plus already..then..we just hang around until we reached to the Sci-Fi..and mama, Arissa and Aryana got the chance to naik that one ride yg macam cawan berpusing2 tu..(sorry laa..mama x ingat what's the name)..and after that we went to the Ancient first we wanted to naik this one ride..but Arissa and Aryana seem like mama and papa lured you guys into short naps right on the stroller..while waiting for Arissa and Aryana had their naps, we continued to the Lost World...but then again..we didn't get to get on any rides..but when we reached to the Far Far Away..Arissa and Aryana managed to get on the Magical Potion ride..and the last ride was at the Madagasar...the girls naik yang merry go round the was like 5pm betul laaa..they said..a one-
day trip to USS is not enough..having the kids like the girls..lagi laaa we need more time...haaa..and we got to solat at the babies changing room outside the about 7:30pm..we went back to JB..basically..the trip to USS was fun..we are sure we'll visit there again...yay!

30th December 2011

so about 11am we packed ourselves to go back to KL..we used jalan lama...dah sampai melaka baru we masuk balik highway..sampai lambat jugak laaa kat KL..dah nak dekat malam baru sampai Shah Alam..but was the best family vacation so was very very tiring journey..and we had to use extra mental and physical effort for that matter..


all in all we have ended our 2011 with so much fun and we had our quality time together..mama and papa can see that, especially Arissa and Aryana enjoyed themselves..

we hope that we can do this again next time...yay!

Sunday, January 8, 2012

Aryana's First Day of School @ Tadika Dzul Iman

yes! it was on the 3rd of January 2012 that Aryana went to school at Tadika Dzul Iman for the first time...but it was just like an orientation day on that was papa who sent Aryana to the peneman..kakak Arissa went to school as well, though..kakak Arissa would only start her school on the 5th of January...from what papa reported (as mama didn't manage to sent both Arissa n Aryana, papa had to send both of you alone)...Aryana did well on the first day..knowing how Aryana's quite amazing that she didn't meragam on her first seems that..she enjoyed her first day at school...and when mama asked her what she did at school after she came back home..she told mama that she nari2..n nyanyi2 at school..(which she fact, papa had her on video)..well..mama n papa are so proud of Aryana, that she managed to go to school without her infamous tantrums...

and it was on the 5th of Januari that was Aryana's official first day at school...

but...on the second day of school..everything changed...yup..Aryana was back to her normal self..she did some dramas in front of her school..right at the gate..she sat on the pasir..and did her usual tantrums...haha..yes..somehow...mama was so impressed on that first 2 days...that mama just didn't believe that mama and papa can be THAT that Aryana dah tunjukkan her drama on the 3rd day..we'll see how it goes for the next days...

..the report will continue...

these are some pics of arissa & aryana first day of school 2012...

this pic is taken on the 3rd Jan 2012

we have breakfast first, before we go to school

siap bawak bowl makan dalam kereta

posing in front of the house..bird 'jewel' x tinggal tu..