Friday, January 30, 2015

2015 is a special year

2015 is a special year. Why? because two of our family members begin a new chapter in their lives. Aryana will be in Standard 1 and Adel will begin her kindy at Dzuliman. As this post was written, they already began their schooling.

Aryana has to catch up and to adjust herself with the hectic timetable. She had so much rest when she was in Dzuliman. But I am sure, she will be okay. Adel is as usual. She likes school. So far, it is easy to prepare her for school but once in a while mood swings kick in and she will be that little slimy thing. :-))

Picture will be posted

Aisara + High Fever + Tarik

My last entry was about the birth of Dania Aisara. That was in 2013. 1 year and 3 months later, I thought of writing an entry in this blog is again, concerning Dania Aisara. Let me just say the events that happen in which I will tell in this entry gives me and my wife the scare of our lives.

It all started on Monday 12 January 2015. Aisara had a little bit of fever. This mild fever began on Sunday. But we thought, okay, it is a mild fever and she looks normal as usual. 12 January 2015 is the first day of school for the year 2015. So, everyone was quite busy that day. My wife sent Arissa and Aryana (her first day of primary school) to school and I sent Adelia (her first day of kindy) to kindy and Aisara to nursery. Aisara still had that mild fever but I sent her anyway. Around 11 am, I got a call from my wife saying that Aisara has a fever (39 C). The nursery called and wanted us to take Aisara home. So, I took her home. Her caretaker said that her body is warm. He said it with a concern look on his face. I think that I should take that concern look more seriously.

We attended her the traditional way. We put wet towel on her forehead and all that stuff just to cool her down and reduce the temperature. Her body is still warm. We decided to take her to see Dr Yee. We normally don't go to clinic for fever. We just rub her body with wet towel and make her to wear ACV-soaked socks. More traditional. But for some reason, we gave in and sent her to the clinic.

At the clinic, Dr Yee recorded her temperature as 39 degrees. He gave us antibiotics and fever medicine. To be honest, I was hoping that he gave us more than just medicine. At least, gave us more information. But I think he must have a reason not to do so or the situation did not requires him to do so. So, we took her back.

I was already dozed off when I hear my wife screaming "tarik tarik. hantar hospital sekarang". I was jumping out of the bed. My wife was already in the bathroom pouring water on Aisara's head.

Baru sekarang saya tahu macamana rupanya kalau baby kena tarik. Saya selalu dengar tentang anak orang lain yang terkena tarik tapi kali ini ia terjadi kepada anak saya sendiri. Apa yang saya boleh katakan, ia adalah sesuatu yang saya TIDAK MAHU lihat lagi. Saya boleh dikatakan agak pucat. Takut. Saya takut tentang perkara buruk yang akan atau mungkin berlaku. Isteri saya bersiap untuk bawak Aisara ke hospital dan saya pula pangku Aisara dan jiruskan air ke kepala dia. Air ada juga melalui muka Aisara tapi wajahnya agak expressionless. Kejadian 'tarik' itu dalam lima minit. Saya angkut anak saya yang lagi 3 orang itu ke dalam kereta dan pandu. Saya langgar semua lampu merah dan kelajuan dalam 130-140 km/sejam. Saya tak pernah bawa kereta selaju itu dalam hidup saya. Saya rasa 150km/sejam pun ada kemungkinan juga.

Sampai Hospital Batu Gajah, isteri saya turun kereta dan terus masuk kedalam bilik kecemasan. Aisara kena tahan selama 3 hari. But now, alhamdulillah, Aisara has recovered. It has been two weeks now. Aisara is in her normal self. Cute as ever. You are so cute sayang. But still, the night still plays in our head. That look on Aisara's face is just something you don't want to see again.