Tuesday, December 29, 2009

A Birthday Getaway For Dania Arissa

Date : 27th Dec 2009 to 29th December 2009

Location: Awana Genting Highlands

Day 1
~~ 271209 ~~

:: yes...we did have our birthday getaway for arissa..we had a 3days 2 nights getaway to Genting Highlands...we stayed at the awana genting..it was also some sort of our annual
trip as a family... ::

early morning...about 9am..mama n papa went out to get arissa's bday cake..we got u cupcakes as your bday cake..yup..none others than..wondermilk cupcakes...

at about after zohor
..we went up to genting highlands..we reached at the hotel at about 2pm..after having some stretching ups at the hotel...about 4pm..we went up to the top of genting..that's where the fun is... :o)

when we reached there..the weather was very misty..tak nampak jalan langsung..and quite sejuk..we parked right inside the ind
r theme park...when we were in the indoor theme park..it was a bit confusing..we didn't know where to head to..but..we did manage to find our way..

the first ride that we took was the carousel..

after that..it was arissa's turn alone..to play the car ride...(this o
ne aryana tak boleh join..sebab kecik sangat )..

and the last ride for the night was the ferris wheel...

we went back to the hotel at about 10pm..when arissa n aryana masing2 dah macam moody..a very tiring day it seems for you guys...for mama n papa as well..

Day 2
~~ 281209 ~~
♪ ♫ Happy Birthday to you..
Happy Birthday to you..
Happy Birthday to Arissa...
Happy Birthday
to you.. ♩ ♬

yes! today is your birthday, arissa..

early morning..after breakfast..arissa was surprised by the cupcakes n lots and lots of presents...yippiieee!

then..after, what we called a lil' birthday bash..at about noon..we went up to the top of the genting..at first we wanted to go for the outdo
or theme park..but when it came to our turn to buy the ticket..suddenly..they said..tak boleh nak masuk..because the weather at the time macam dah nak hujan...so..we decided to spend the whole time in the indoor theme park...

so...we managed to ride on most of the rides..first we went for the floating boat, then we went for the gondola ride, after that we went for the train ride...that was what we had as our family ride..oohhh..not to forget..the carousel thing...

but for the rest of the other time...it was fun time for the birthday girl..yup! you spent like..i lost count on the numbers of how many rides arissa had on the car ride...after another ride..another ride..and another ride...but arissa still didn't show any sign of tiredness nor sleepiness..

we ended up leaving the place at about 11pm.. * huaarrgghhhttt..so sleepy *

Day 3
~~ 291209 ~~

this was our last day of the trip...so..it was time for us to go back...

after breakfast..arissa, aryana n papa went for a dip at the swimming pool..according to papa's reviews and mama's observations..the hotel's swimming pool was a nice place..especially for kids..quite kids' friendly kinda place...

while arissa, aryana and papa had their swimming activities..mama had to pack all of our things..so...at about noon..we checked-out from the hotel..

and when we get back to gombak..suddenly..arissa was being surprised by another birthday party..organized by the opah and the atuk...with few guests of arissa's gombak friends, as mama calls it...kak nida, abang syamil, farah, the kembar; hazira & hazika, lily, kak ika and aiman...

and this is the present from atuk, opah and uncle pis..