Friday, December 18, 2009

:: 17th December 2009 :: - Part 2 ~~ Opah's Birthday Celebration ~~ -

so..this is the second part of the Danias activities on this particular date... :o) (yeah...mama has told u...that u guys were pretty busy on this day..)

after we reached at gombak..not long after that..uncle pis..came to gombak as well..with a big cake for opah...actually..the celebration..was not actually..really really sort of a birthday's just that..uncle pis dah bawak cake..n we all pun baru jer nak looked like a small birthday celebration...

uncle pis gave a present to opah..but mama, arissa n aryana didn't manage to get anything for opah..just wishes only...errkksss..takper laa..we'll get something for opah later okay..heheh..

..and arissa did sing a birthday song for opah...