Wednesday, March 7, 2012

( 4th March 2012 )

..marks arissa's first job in if...
naahhh..not so big as like becoming the next "mia sara" (currently famous child-star)...but it was like arissa's first experience in acting..even so..just for a student's final year project of some sort of a courseware...yes, at least we exposed her to all possible different kinda things that she can get..maybe along the line...she'll know what are her strengths..and in a bulid her confidence..especially when dealing with adults and other people than her parents or relatives...

walaupun, mula-mula tu arissa macam malu-malu and kekok...even the kakak-kakak and the abang-abang pun macam kekok, tak tau macam mana nak treat or attract arissa to loosen down and get warm to them..memang macam kelakar je tengok all the abang-abang, especially the kakak-kakak trying to borak-borak ngan arissa..they even offered her the M&M (currently arissa's fav choc)..awal2 lagi dah di offer chocolate..tapi arissa macam tak termakan dengan all the choc tu..she still malu-malu and senyap je...

but they did continue with the scenes..and it turned out arissa did quite well..mama and papa are so proud of you, arissa..walaupun dengan muka arissa yang sangat serious tu..but we were glad that the kakak and the abang were happy to have their job done..and that we were glad that we got to help them...

here are few pictures throughout the day..which started off at about 10am..and ended almost at 1pm...

nak keluar rumah

being introduced to kakak fatin (the project owner)

before the shoot, main ballons
(aryana as the stunt girl aka double)

the star of the day

arissa & abang moo (abang rahman)

this little girl also tak nak ketinggalan

being briefed

adelia is killing the time

looking at my own self

adelia sampai tertidur waiting for kakak

the star with the manager aka papa

in one of the shot

ice-breaking session by kakak fatin (kena sogok ngan M&M)

getting ready

adelia sudah kebosanan

..the first star...

here is arissa's first star for the "Dania's Reading Project"...her first book that she read was "the chilly little penguin"..and she did retell the story fairly..though she needs more practise...

:: the chilly little penguin::

the first star

----> oohhh by the way, by april 2012, arissa & aryana managed to get their 6 stars, and guess what did they ask for their rewards..?  a set of walkie-talkie...hahahaha

:: introductory about the "Dania's Reading Project"