Thursday, July 21, 2011

we couldn't remember when arissa started using a cup for her milk...

but as far as for Aryana...we are starting to train her using a cup for her milk...

so's building her confident to use the cup for her milk...and now, the kakak also been talking me into having a cup just like Aryana...where else..kakak already has her own cups...she just couldn't resist when Aryana has something new, she somehow must also get one..( I guess, that's one of the challenges of having daughters which are just few years difference..the sibling rivalry is quite obvious..and I'm also not surprise when we get quite a lot of remarks 'eh! ni twin ke?'...when people look at arissa n Aryana...yes, in terms of sizes and features, skali pandang, they may look like twins..)

Among other thing, now that Aryana is almost 3yo..we are still training her in the diapers' far she's been doing good..but the tricky part is during the sleep far, we r proud of her..not so much accidents...but still, during her time at the taska...the kakak there, ada jugak pakaikan her diapers...but we have now stopped buying any diapers for Aryana...whatever that are left now is the last batch...once dah habis that batch, no more stock will be provided for Aryana during her time at the pandai2 laaa kakak2 taska nye... :)

Sunday, July 10, 2011

Dania No. 3

Semalam appointment dengan Dr Anjalai untuk routine check up Mama. Kalau ikutkan dah 32 weeks. Kita dah biasa dengan Dr Anjalai ni. In fact, ramai orang pergi kat Dr Anjalai.

Di Hospital Pantai Puteri ada dua pakar O & G dan klinik mereka ni boleh lah dikatakan sebelah menyebelah. Nak tau bagus ker tak bagus Dr Anjalai ni, tengok kat jumlah patient yang tunggu depan klinik Dr Anjalai dan bandingkan dengan patient yang tunggu depan  klinik Dr lagi satu. Memang jauh beza. Apa yang menyebabkan ramai orang pergi kat Dr Anjalai ni? Nak kata knowledge rasanya semua Dr sama jer yang bezanya antara experience atau pun tidak. Mungkin sebab Dr Anjalai ni wanita, so dia lagi senang women...maybe. Tapi, personally bagi kami, adalah the level of calmness yang ada pada Dr Anjalai. You akan masuk klinik dia jam 12:00 tengahari hari Sabtu ataupun 5:00 petang weekdays, dia akan treat you sama as if you are the first patient of the day. The thing about Dr O & G ni, operations, labour and others are just part of the daily working life. Dia boleh entertain patient kat klinik and then the next you know, kena pergi Operation theater japs, nak operate patient. And then they can come back and resume their job as if nothing happens. Again, it is part of their job. We, mere mortals, akan rasa impress, at least we are.

We refer to the soon-to-be-born baby as Dania No.3. For one, Dr Anjalai dah mention it is girl despite Arissa is hoping for a boy. Unless, it is a miracle. So, kita refer the baby Dania No. 3. Okaylah, Mama nak namakan dia Dania Adelia. But in front the girls, we labeled her as Dania No.3 or Adik No. 2. Aryana, we are still hoping that she accepts her role as the 'Kak Cik' for Dania No.3. You have no choice, Kak Cik. Oopppss...sorry Kak Cik. Nak jugak panggil Yana yer. Sorry Kak Cik.

We are thinking about how Dania No.3 tak de gambar ataupun scan dari Dr yang kita simpan. So, now, kita nak scan dan simpan anything related to Dania No. 3. Arissa, being the eldest, banyak gambar. Aryana, being the second, gambar ada tapi tak print. Dania No.3 langsung tak der lagi. Well, we are going start somewhere. Firstly, scan gambar baby dalam perut. There are a few of them. Yang di bawah ni was taken on the 18 of June 2011. Ada lagi latest. Belum scan lagi.